Over the past few years I have tried and sometimes succeeded to lose some weight. What I have found more recently is that my skin doesn’t easily shrink back at the same rate. So there has been a need for me to use a moisturiser with firming and tightening attributes. What I have found with a few that I have tried is that they don’t tend to moisturise as well as they could. I particularly remember this of Palmers Cocoa Butter firming lotion – my skin would be visibly dry very soon after application.
So the need to try something else came up and the Avon Care Firming Lotion seemed like a good place to start. I have to say I am very impressed indeed. My skin is so much smoother, it does feel tauter and most importantly very moisturised. I have particularly noticed this on my upper arms – where they were always kind of rough and not very nice to look at I am at least now happier to wear shorter sleeves or even strappy tops.

Plus the price is very good because if you watch for offers you can get a big 400ml bottle for less than £3!

I would highly recommend.