As I have already found, Avon clothing should never be overlooked.  They don’t do much of it but what they do do they do pretty well.  I got this dress for Christmas, after just being told by a colour me beautiful consultant that I need to wear wrap dresses in purple!

The dress is very comfortable, even with the control support panel slip underneath.  It is actually a full dress with an extra wrap layer, so none of the worry of the dress coming open.  The length is good so you don’t show too much leg when sitting down.  I have received lots of compliments when I have worn it and it looks great with the Miracle Heart long line pendant necklace I got with it ;-).

The only downside I have found is that it is hand wash only and that is one thing I don’t do well.  But apart from that, well worth the twenty quid my husband spent (including commission 😉 )