Bi Phase makeup remover

Gift remover

I have tried a few make up removers over the years. For a long time I would have sworn by Johnsons Baby Lotion, but that couldn’t deal very well with waterproof mascara. More recently I have been using a L’Oreal make up remover and that did a very good job on the waterproof stuff but as I was running low in that I decided to try an Avon one. There aren’t that many to choose from so I went for the Solutions Bi Phase make up remover, mainly because it looked very similar to the L’Oreal one I was using. I haven’t regretted it at all. It removes the waterproof mascara (Aero Volume Max mascara – see separate review) in one go. It’s gentle on my sensitive eyes, doesn’t smell and comes in a decent size bottle. I am very impressed, so much so that I have just ordered the toner from the same range as a potential replacement for the Clinique Clarifying Lotion I am currently running low on (review to follow). 5/5